Conscious of Our Roots

Our Heritage

Jade can trace its roots back to 1972 when Mr Carmelo Zammit established Final Furniture, a company specialising in the fabrication of custom-made furniture, which also produced sofas. Over the years, Jade has developed into a brand and has continued business independently.

Jade has over the past years successfully managed to build a base of loyal customers who, through repeated sales, have strengthened and solidified the company. Being Malta’s best means our customers understand how dedicated we are to meet and exceed their expectations and to provide them with unique and genuine products as ordered and in the time agreed. Our sales policies are customer oriented rather than sales oriented, we will never sell to you something which we do not feel will meet your expectations. Likewise, we make sure that our customers do not overpay by purchasing products that exceed their needs.

We truly have a passion for excellence and we have striven from the very beginning to be at the cutting edge of our business and to become the leading brand in the manufacturing of quality sofas. It is for this reason that we only employ experienced and professional craftsmen who manufacture each one of our sofas by hand using the traditional British technique. Testament to this is the fact that today Jade sofas may be found in many leading hotels, Government Ministries and in the most exclusive residences.

Although we give great importance to quality, we also aim at offering affordable prices. By sourcing materials directly from foreign suppliers, we manage to keep our prices at a very competitive level which is resulting in a steady growth of new customers. How important growth is, Jade was and never will be interested in mass production.