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Model: Mia – 3+2 seater only €650 – 3 seater only €380 – 2 seater only €300
In any colour synthetic leather or microfiber. Free Delivery


Stock Offer – Model: Alaska – 3+2 seaters only €790 – 3 seater only €450 – 2 seater only €380
In several colours synthetic leather. Free Delivery

Mia & Alaska models are specially designed for rental apartments. Offered at the cheapest price possible without sacrificing the quality required to endure irresponsible tenants. All parts of the sofas are easily dismantled individually and on-site to avoid costly repairs.

Other Offers

Stock Offer – Laminate parquet from €11/sqm. Underlay included, Free delivery. Made in Germany, 15yrs warranty.

Free cleaning product with every new sofa

Madrid Coffee table only €50.