Aviation Upholstery

At Jade we have at our disposal two ways to address upholstery issues on aircrafts. Depending on the type of damage or intervention required, we are able to offer our customers effective and efficient solutions which are provided at optimal prices while maintaining a high level of service as expected in the aviation market.

We cater for both the commercial and also the private market and all products used meet several international quality and safety standards such as DIN 53327 and ISO 13934.

Repairs are carried out by changing whole or individual parts of upholstery or alternatively in the case of leather only we are able to remove scratches, tears, stains and spray paint new coats of leather paint. With the use of a state-of-the-art digital embroidery machine and laser engraving machine, it is possible to mark the upholstery with company logos and slogans as required. We also specialise in the cleaning and revival of all leather upholstery.