Dare to be different

Bespoke Upholstery

Custom made sofas and upholstered furniture are our core competence, it is where our customers really express their personality and likes.

At Jade, we understand the importance of individuality which is why, apart from offering a wide selection of Jade designs ranging from classical to modern, we also offer a personalised design service through which we assist our customers to create their own particular design. Customers are even able of providing their own pictures of designs they like and mix and match between several designs.

To truly achieve a comfortable sofa, the seat height and depth can be tailored according to the customer’s stature.

Same as for our standard collection sofas, our bespoke sofas and upholstery are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Click here to know more about these finishes and optionals available.

Jade is truly your one stop upholstery atelier and in the majority of cases, our tailored products are produced from scratch, including the structure however, we are also able to upholster and finish off furniture produced by other furniture makers and carpenters. Examples of such products include; chairs, beds, headboards, dining booths, stools and benches.

Tailored Finishes