Hand picked cow hide selection at Jade

Cow Hides

Our Colombian Hair On Cowhides hand picked selection are produced in a Medium size tannery located in the hilly area of this beautiful South American country. We select only the best of these hides however, being a natural product, some minor scratches and patches are to be expected.

Our Colombian Hair On Cowhides have a soft and clean suede back and a long, glossy and shiny, hair length, especially on their Backbone. Colombia is regarded as one of the best producers of cow hides since their animals have natural shiny and long hair compared to other countries.

These hides come in various dimensions, colours and patterns and add elegance to your living room or bedroom. Since they are tanned and processed to the highest standards, they are extremely easy to clean and comfortable to walk on. Apart from using them as rugs, some customers use them to upholster various furniture such as sofas.

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