Made in Germany for you and the Environment

Laminate Parquet Flooring

Starting at just €13/sqmt inc. VAT, underlay and delivery, Jade is an authorised reseller and installer of Krono flooring. Out of the many brands on the market, we selected the Krono brand for various reasons, mainly to offer a product which is up to our high quality standards while still offering it at a very competitive price.

10 to 35 years warranty
Made in Germany from 90% solid wood
Cleaning & Maintenance products available
Treated with a special antibacterial coating
Very easy to clean
Environmentally friendly
Highly resistant to humidity making it longer lasting when compared to cheaper Chinese made flooring
Treated with special anti-scratch finish
Available in authentic emboss finish which gives the product a natural look
Available in “endless beauty” finish, where the wood grain pattern repeats and endlessly continues from one plank to another.
High sound insulation
Full range of installation accessories
Optional laying service

For more info, please visit krono original


The following colours are usually in stock:

9400 Canadian Elm
8812 Urban Legend
8631 Castle Oak
8463 Sea Breeze Oak
8633 Shire Oak
5965 Wenge
K067 Calypso
8220 Surf Oak
8630 Aspen Oak
1665 Beech
6952 Classic Oak
8096 San Diego Oak
8373 Manltoba Oak
5165 Monastary Oak
8222 Rugged Oak
8696 Walnut Piton
K066 Ash
K067 Walnut Dark