DIY cleaning & caring products for leather, microfiber and fabric

Cleaning Products

Apart from selling you a product, we want to supply you with a solution for your problem. Whether it is daily cleaning or to address a specific issue, we will never sell you or let you spend excessively on useless products which are just not what you are looking for.

Jade is the exclusive distributor for Malta of the world renowned brand Uniters and its subsidiaries  Leather Master & Textile master.

Backed by nearly 30 years of research and development, Uniters has long been recognised as the premier care and protection brand for use on leather, fabric, microfiber and synthetic leather.

With innovative and easy to use solutions intended to clean and protect against soiling, fading, scratching, and cracking of upholstery and apparel, UNITERS award winning lines have been endorsed by manufacturers and retailers around the globe.


Microfibre Care Kit
Fabric Care Kit
Mattress Care Kit
Synthetic & Recycled leather Care Kit
Protected Leather Care Kit
Nubuck & Suede Care Kit