Professional cleaning for all kinds of leather.

Leather Cleaning

We have the right tools, products and knowledge to clean your leather upholstery as deep as possible without causing damage. Cleaning of leather is not as easy as it looks since there are several different kinds of leather and these all require different cleaning products and methods. It is not about how hard you can brush but it is all about using the right products and techniques and not cross the line between good cleaning and harmful abrasive cleaning.

We firstly identify what kind of leather we are dealing with and devise a course of action. After patch testing our products to make sure that the leather does not react badly to them, we proceed with pre cleaning, cleaning, drying and finally the application of an appropriate protective conditioning agent, which shall leave your leather looking, smelling and feeling great!

In most cases we are also able to degrease and remove persistent stains such as ink marks, colour transfers from clothing and head sweat/oil marks. We are also capable of re moisturising dry and hard leather.

One time or another, we all have come across leather which no matter how deep it is cleaned, dirt still seems to stick deep down in its pours. This is caused by micro cracking of the top coat of the leather which makes it possible for dirt to penetrate. With the use of a specialised product which is part conditioner and part dye, we are able to cover these micro-cracking and at the same time revive the colour of your leather.