Complete or partial refurbishment of all kinds of upholstered furniture.

Re-Upholstery & Repairs

Jade offers repairs and re-upholstery of old sofas of any type and dimensions. This involves the complete change of worn out materials including springs, webbing and foam. The wooden frame is also repaired as required. Customers may also source their own new covering material and in some cases even modify the shape and dimensions of the old sofa.

On several occasions, Jade has been commissioned with the restoration and re-upholstery of antique upholstered furniture. Restoring is subcontracted to a leading local craftsmen and together with the new upholstery, this antique furniture is returned to its original grace.

Apart from the economic reasons, refurbishing old sofas is your contribution towards a better environment since it saves trees and reduces scrap. Apart from sofas, our skilled artisans possess the required experience and technique to re-upholster other furniture such as chairs, stools and benches.

Jade takes care of picking up your old sofa and delivering it back to you at no extra charge.


Reupholstery of Antique Furniture