Expect the unexpected

Colours, Finishes & Extras

Our offer includes hundreds of different materials and colours including wool, chenille, patterned fabrics, crocodile leather and much more. It is not possible to represent all here, but we can propose the most popular basics and latest trends.

Standard Covering Materials

Napa Pro
Use: Domestic Indoor
Type: Synthetic Leather
Made in Spain

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ECO Suede
Use: Domestic Indoor
Type: Microfibre Fabric
Made in Spain

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Use: Domestic Indoor
Type: Real Leather
Made in Italy

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Use: Outdoor, Maritime
Type: Canvas Fabric
Made in Spain

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Use: Outdoor, Maritime,
Automotive, Aviation, Contract
Type: Synthetic Leather
Made in Spain

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At Jade we collaborate with some of the world’s finest fabric manufacturers. Countless patterns, designs and materials which conform to the strictest quality standards. Some of our fabrics are water and stain resistant because they are treated with Teflon.



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Exclusive Real Leather

For our most discerning customers, we propose one of the world’s premier leathers. Manufactured in England by Connolly since 1878, this leather has over the years covered the seats of: Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, the House of Lords and Commons, the Cunard Liners Queen Elizabeth and Mary, the QE2, Concorde, The British Library, The Royal Festival Hall and the Dorchester and Ritz hotels.



Because we are creators of real bespoke sofas, all aspects of our products are personalised to the customer’s preferences. This means that when it comes to furniture legs we won’t just offer you a few options but rather a whole collection made up of several different types, sizes and materials.

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Still didn’t find what you are looking for? No problem, show us a picture or describe what you are looking for and we will look for it at one of our other suppliers or even custom order it locally from a skilled metal worker or carpenter.


Other Extras & Optionals

Recessed USB port


Recessed cup holder with refrigeration

Recessed cup holder

Recessed Bluetooth audio system


Fixed headrest

Available as an add-on to most of our modern models

Flexible & Dimable LED reading lamp

Recessed motion activated lighting

Wireless mobile charger arm insert

Storage compartment

An easy option to add storage space in one’s home however, please keep in mind that in order to do this the seating suspension system has to be removed making the sofa slightly less comfortable.

Integrated wooden side shelving

Integrated side table with illumination

Arm table

These extras are a perfect combination of comfort and space saving. Easily change the armrest or ottoman into a coffee table. Available in several materials, finishes, colours and dimensions.