A little bit sofa, a little bit lounger.

Recliner & Extractable Seat Sofas

Several of our sofas can be manufactured to include a recliner or extractable seat mechanism. These are available as both manually operated or motorised. On most models all the sofa seats including the middle ones can include a mechanism. Additionally, most sofa models which can include a recliner mechanism can be manufactured using a “zero wall” feature. This means the back rest will incline down and forward  without the need of pushing the sofa away from the wall behind it.

Another type of recliner mechanism which can be incorporated within an armchair is the “double motor” lift version. Apart from functioning as a recliner, this mechanism lifts the whole armchair forward in order to help the user to sit up and  get off the seat.

Recliner Sofas

Alice W
Binton W SLD
Capry W SLD
Orion W REC
Decor W
Hermes W
Kira W SLD
Luke W
Luna W SLD
Micol W SLD
Cronos W
Poker W
Singuer W REC
Sombras W
Tandra W
Valkira W Rec
Oslo QS
Rap QS
Capri QS
Altus recliner QS
Dance QS
Jazz Recliner QS
Soul Recliner QS
Nicolle recliner
Marina Recliner QS
Marina QS
Noe Recliner QS
Relax-bora RO
relax_titan RO
relax_menta RO
Cinema Seats
nativa_relax RO

Extractable Seat Sofas

New Boston Sofa Bed QS
Hercules QS
New Atena SBed QS
Infinity Sofa Bed QS
Tesla Sofa Bed QS
Zeus Sofa Bed QS
Jaguar Sofa Bed QS
Afrodita QS
Hades QS
Elsso G SLD
Odin G SLD
Morfeo Sofa Bed QS
Miami Sofa Bed QS
Apollo Bed QS
Bugatti sliders QS
Life QS
Cuore QS
Raquel sliders
Ares W SLD
Estrella W SLD
Galaxy W SLD