Partial to 100% removable. Your choice.

Removable Covers

A good number of our sofas may be made with partially removable covers. The removable parts are usually the parts that face the most wear. Especially in the case of fabric coverings, it is very convenient to be able to take off covers for cleaning. To avoid concerns to whether the removable parts shall not stay proper on their frame, we may also attach them with zippers or Velcro.

No matter if the coverings are fixed or loose, at Jade we try to use manufacturing techniques which might be slightly more expensive but will make it possible to easily and economically fix worn out or damaged parts. In fact, some of our models that carry fixed armrests can be repaired on site without us needing to carry the whole sofa back to our workshop.

We understand that a small percentage of our customers prefer to have the ability to remove and be able to wash all of the coverings including the base, underneath the sofa cushions. For this reason and also conscious that such covers must be easy to remove and refit, we were able to create a few models which have 100% removable covers but still look like a normal sofa. In addition, on some of these sofas we were still able to include seat sliders and mechanical headrests.