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Sofa Beds

We mainly use 2 fold mechanisms made up of a sturdy metal frame and a base composed of wooden slats and elastic webbing. Although slightly more expensive than the alternative metal webbing base, these beds are the closest thing to an actual bed. The mattress which lays on top of the base is made of high density foam which is 10cm thick and has a length of 180cm and a width of either 138cm or 98cm. The larger one fits a 3 seater sofa while the smaller one fits a 2 seater sofa.

When closed the sofa will look normal and the same as if the bed was not inside it. These mechanisms are made in France by the original inventor.

Sofa bed mechanisms may be incorporated in most of our collection sofas and are very handy to have around the house however, so you can make an informed decision, to fit the mechanism we need to remove the suspension system you would usually find underneath the seat cushions thus, the seating comfort is reduced by approx. 25%.

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High-End mechanisms

The Following models can include a sofa bed mechanism which is considered by many as the market leader. Also produced by the original inventor in France, this mechanism features mattress widths of between 80cm and 160cm and mattress length of 190cm. The mattress can be made of visco elastic foam and is up to 16cm high.

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DD Ainara SB open
DD Ainara SB 1
DD Alexia SB
DD Andrea SB High Leg
DD Ares SB
DD Estela SB Chaise
DD Gala SB Chaise open
DD Gala SB Chaise
Remo V
Sirio V SB
Altea V
Carlotta V SB
Chiara V
Fox V
Petra V
Laura Bunk Open V
Lisa V
Lisa V open

Slide & Turn action:

DD Lit slide out 2s open
DD Lit slide out 2s

Drawer action mechanisms are available on the following models:

Afrodita QS
Tesla QS
Hades QS
Atenea QS
Apollo Bed QS
Hercules Sliders QS
New Boston Sofa Bed QS
Only Bed QS
Zeus Sofa Bed QS
Miami Sofa Bed QS
Infinity Sofa Bed QS
Morfeo Sofa Bed QS
Jaguar Sofa Bed QS
DD Yakarta SB Slider