Quality Conscious - Our Guarantee


Jade undertakes Quality Assurance as its primary quality management system and is currently undergoing ISO9001:2000 certification. Being a small enterprise, Jade can offer its customers a personalised service with a high level of attention that cannot be achieved by large companies. Apart from guaranteeing a high-quality product and service, Jade also guarantees on time deliveries and prices lower than those of sofas of the same quality produced by other manufacturers.

With regards to sofas, most of them are built entirely in Malta by skilled craftsmen, each creation carries the brand logo and is accompanied by a numerated Malta Crafts Council Certificate authenticating its artisan origin. Being locally produced, repairs of damages your sofa might sustain are possible, fast and cheap.
Each sofa is built with top notch components, including a sturdy solid Beech wood frame, pre treated with pesticides. No compressed carton or old pallet wood in our sofas! The seating of our sofas is made out of longer lasting, high grade rubberised foam. This seating is supported by a layer of highly strong fabric and another layer of elastic webbing which is able to withstand tension of over 1000kg and is produced by the same manufacturer that supplies well known brands “Ferrari”, “Fiat” and “Augusta”. All materials used in our production are sourced and made in the EU. All our sofas are built to meet the rigours requirements laid out by various international standards including BS 4875-1:2007: (Strength and stability of furniture).

In order to cope with an increased demand for our products, Jade has recently commenced producing a few of our models in Italy and Spain. These sofas are still manufactured under the stringent quality standards which our customers are accustomed to.

Each sofa carries a minimum of 2 years general warranty as well as a 5 year structural warranty; Most of our models may be produced in a superior quality under the brand name Jade Premium and are covered by an extended structural warranty of 10 years.