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The Order Process for your new sofa

Step 1

Visit our picture galleries and select the model you like the most or find online a picture of a sofa you prefer. TIP: Unleash your creative eye, mix and match different parts of various sofas!

Step 2

Decide whether you would like your sofa to include any mechanisms such as sofa beds, recliners and headrests.

Step 3

Identify the maximum usable space of where you would like to place your new sofa and visualise the composition you think best suits your setting I.e. whether for example if a corner sofa would fit better than a 3 seater and a 2 seater sofa set.

Step 4

Get in touch with us by visiting our showroom or by email. We will address any concerns that might rise from the above steps and supply you with alternative ideas and approximate prices.

Step 5

Visit our showroom for a consultation, we will cover the various finishes and options at hand including; covering materials, colour, legs, hard or soft seating, seating legroom and seat/back height. We will do our best to make sure that your choice is the best for you and the most cost effective.

Step 6

Go back home, ponder and sleep on it, make sure that we have addressed all your concerns. We are confident that we are offering you the best quality to price ratio however, we always encourage our prospective customers to have a look at what our competitors are offering so that you can take an informed decision.

Step 7

Make sure the measurements of your sofa work for you and that any stairs and doorways are wide enough for us to be able to effect the delivery. If in doubt, contact us for a free on site survey.

Step 8

Visit us in person to confirm your order. We will provide you with a lead time and you’ll sign some paper work and pay a 25% deposit. We will supply you with a warranty and user manual together with a cleaning product and we will explain to you how to take care of your sofa.

Step 9

We will contact you when your sofa is almost ready so that you can advise us on when you would like it to be delivered. Remember that if a furniture lifter is required for your delivery, you will need to contact your local council in order to obtain the necessary permits.

Step 10

Delivery. Our deliveries run smooth and are usually very quick. We will take care of temporarily removing any aluminium sliding doors and possibly other loose obstacles which are possible to move. We will place your sofa in the exact place you want to. After that we remove any packaging materials and explain to you how to use any mechanisms that might be included, you will be able to freely inspect your purchase before paying the pending balance.